Usage of ob_start() in fixing onepage checkout issues

September 21, 2011  |  3 Comments  |  by Raj (MagePsycho)  |  Latest, Magento, PHP

Onepage checkout steps are so sensitive that even a single character echo’ed from anywhere (due to some mistakes or php errors) will make your checkout steps not working.

I just recently faced one issue: Onepage checkout was not redirecting to order confirmation page after clicking on Place Order button (Review Page). When i checked the console via firebug i found the following ajax response:
You can note there there is extra character ‘f’ which makes the json response invalid and the opcheckout.js can’t operate properly & hence no further redirection to third party or order confirmation page.

Since the client was in rush, i solved the issue using the concept of ob_start() function of php as:
File: app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/OnepageController.php

public function saveOrderAction()
	$outputBuffer = ob_get_contents();
	Mage::log('outputTrapped::' . $outputBuffer, null, 'onepagecheckout.log');

By using the ob_start() on the start of the function, output are captured in the buffer instead of direct output to the browser.

I know best bet is to find the related place and prevent the direct output to the browser but i just posted this as an example on dealing with ob_start() in case of onepage checkout steps.

Hope this gave some idea.

Hello world!

September 17, 2011  |  No Comments  |  by Raj (MagePsycho)  |  Javascript, jQuery, Latest, Linux, Magento, Mysql, PHP, Web Service

Dear All
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