Converting multi-select field to checkbox in advanced search form of Magento

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Have you ever thought of modifying the default multi-select field to checkbox field in advanced search of Magento?
If not then here we will be discussing about how to do which is damn easy and much user friendlier.


1> Copy the following file to your working theme:

2> Open the form.phtml (from above) and find the following line just after the case ‘select’: ?>

<div class="input-box">
	<?php echo $this->getAttributeSelectElement($_attribute) ?>

and replace it by the following code

<?php if(in_array($_attribute->getAttributeCode(), array('manufacturer'))): ?>
<div class="input-box">
		 $options = $_attribute->getSource()->getAllOptions(false);
		 foreach($options as $_option):
			 $isChecked = in_array($_option['value'], $this->getRequest()->getParam($_attribute->getAttributeCode())) ? ' checked="checked"' : null;
	<input type="checkbox" name="<?php echo $_attribute->getAttributeCode(); ?>[]" value="<?php echo $_option['value']; ?>"<?php echo $isChecked; ?> /> <?php echo $_option['label']; ?><br />
<?php else: ?>
<div class="input-box">
	<?php echo $this->getAttributeSelectElement($_attribute); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Note: Here we have customized the display for manufacturer attribute, similarly you can customize for other attributes. Just you need to add the attribute code(for example: color) in the array as:

<?php if(in_array($_attribute->getAttributeCode(), array('manufacturer', 'color'))): ?>

3> Try to refresh the advanced search page: http://your-magento-url/catalogsearch/advanced
You will see some good results 🙂

Manufacturer in default format (Before)

Customized Manufacturer Display(After)

Note: You can use some css in order to break the checkboxes in multi-columns for better display.
Hope you liked this article 🙂
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  • Cash1313

    Whou ! Very good, thank you very much. Can you help me for break the checkboxes in multi-columns for better display please ?

  • Great tutorial – one issue I’ve found.

    If you have an attribute with the input type “Multiple Select”, it doesn’t appear to work. It works fine with dropdown selectors (where only one value for an attribute can be selected).

    Is there a fix?

    • Never mind, I’m an idiot – the product was set to quantity 0, so of course it didn’t show up in searches.

      Yeah, so great tutorial. 🙂