Integrating Zopim Live Chat in your Magento Store

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If you look at the right-bottom of this page, you will notice a nice looking chat widget. Yes that’s the Zopim Live Chat.

If you want to interact with your visitors, give support to them, know the statistics of the visits, get offline messages etc. then Zopim Live Chat seems to be very promising choice.

Integration of Zopim Live Chat

If you want to add Zopim Live Chat to your Magento Store, you don’t need to use any third party modules as it is so simple & straight forward to use.

Integration Steps:

  1. 1. Sign up with Zopim

    Visit Zopim site to sign up/create a account. Once you complete the sign up form then you will get a confirmation link in your mail for verification. Once confirmed your account is ready to use the Zopim Live Chat widget.
    Related Snaps:

    Sign Up: Step 1

    Sign Up: Step 1

    Sign Up: Step 2

    Sign Up: Step 2

  2. 2. Grap the Widget Code

    Login to the Zopim Dashboard page with the credentials used during sign up. After login, click on the Settings tab on the top right then you can see the following screen:

    Zopim Dashboard Settings

    Zopim Dashboard Settings

    When you are in Settings section,then you can see two tabs on the left: ‘Embed widget on my site‘ & ‘Customize widget‘.

    Embed widget on my site‘ -> When you click on this tab you will see the script ready for copy-paste in Magento.
    Customize widget‘ -> Click on this tab if you want to customize the look and feel, default text, position etc of your chat widget.

  3. 3. Insert the Widget Code in Magento

    After getting the Widget code(Zopim Dashboard > Settings > Embed widget on my site) from Zopim Site, login to the Magento and go to:
    System > Configuration > General > Design > Footer > Miscellaneous HTML > Paste the widget code here..

    Magento Configuration Settings for Zopim Live Chat

    Magento Configuration Settings for Zopim Live Chat

  4. 4. You’re done 🙂

    Refresh the cache and load the frontend page, you will see the sexy chat widget ready for interaction.

    Zopim Live Chat Demo

    Zopim Live Chat Demo

    Isn’t it’s so simple to integrate?

Note: A very simplistic Magento Extension has been developed for Zopim Live Chat which is very simple to use and upgrade proof. You can find the extension of Zopim Live Chat » here «.

Thanks for reading guys.

Happy Chatting!!

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  • Kaushal

    Very Nice & Easy. Thanks

  • Fantastic extension for Magento! Just installed it on 1.7, worked first time! This is going to help us to no end.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks a lot .. very useful doc

  • awesome tool! i just loved it

  • Nitin

    The Zopim Live Chat is appearing in fancybox of type iframe too! Any suggestions how to remove them from showing there?

    • Ricardo Mota

      Did you find a solution?

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  • Kamlekar Venkateshwar

    I want the zopim chat container to be invisible when the page loads. It will be visible when the customer click on a button like “show chat”. How should I do this?

  • JamesDashner25

    One can also also try eAssistance Pro for Magento Websites.

  • Daniel Jones

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  • Navi Sedlav

    Hi, i tried to eliminate zopim from my magento store and even if I empty the cache still appears on it. How can I eliminate?

  • Julia Balandina

    Awesome list! some of them I’d been using, however now some of new great products already launched. Today I prefere what helps me to chat with my customers all day long at any minute