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Raj, the guy behind MagePsycho is a Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer, Magento Certified Developer, Magento Moderator / Freelancer with specialization in web applications (CMS, E-Commerce, ERP etc.). Catch him on: Twitter: @magepsycho Skype: magentopycho
  • Your implementation simply rocks man. Thankyou very much!

    • Gowthaman Suriya

      Would you please explain about the code?. I do not know to how to change default file format.

  • Hi,

    This blog post has saved my life, many thanks for sharing.

    One question, I used your files and all works well when accessing the native Magento login page. However, if I embed the login.phtml file like so:

    {{block type="core/template" template="customer/form/login.phtml"}}

    It does not render the mini.register. Any idea why it seems to ignore the getChild under this scenario?

    Many thanks

  • Bryant

    Thanks for the helpful tutorial. The login form works for me but for some reason the “create an account” button is dead and goes no where.

    When I look at the console I see an error:
    TypeError: element is null
    if (element.addEventListener) {

    I even tried implementing your exact code but the button is still dead. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    • Bryant

      Figured it out. The problem is in your login.phtml file.

      The javascript in the bottom is:
      var registerForm = new VarienForm('form-validate-register', true);
      Needs to be:
      var registerForm = new VarienForm('form-validate', true);

  • Thanks for sharing the valuable blog.

    It needs little more modification.

    The create account stops working after changes the phtml in such a way.
    So can you just tell me what changes are require to make everything working as it and just changes the layout…

    Thanks in advance

  • Redzheb Mehmed

    Hey dude, I tried doing your suggestion but it did not turn out so great as I hoped. I have done everything as you explained but ended up having a login or create an account on my frontpage. I tried changing all my local.xml and login.phtml files with the originals and clean the cache but still have it on my frontpage. I really sort it out asap, and hope you can help me with the issue. the website is: fashionfactory.bg Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Asif

    I followed all the steps you mentioned in the article but it did’nt work for me 🙁

  • Garg Jigasu

    Can you please explain this line…Sorry bro i don’t know coding much….””Unset of child block: ‘customer_form_login’ and using different name:
    ‘customer_form_register2′ for the corresponding block is important else
    you will get double login block.””