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Raj, the guy behind MagePsycho is a Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer, Magento Certified Developer, Magento Moderator / Freelancer with specialization in web applications (CMS, E-Commerce, ERP etc.). Catch him on: Twitter: @magepsycho Skype: magentopycho
  • As said in post Magento supports all the features like managing gift card, reward points, credit points and so on. Now all these features had been developed in Magento link manager.

    • Magento Developer

      This extension doesn’t provide such features. It’s just for managing links (disable/enable) from admin interface so that you don’t have to play with xml layouts and useful for layman admins Hope this makes some sense.

  • Biswash

    Good script

  • Magento Developer

    Yes you are correct. This module is just for managing frontend links, that’s why it’s so called 🙂